Spencer Mecham - Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the updated Affiliate Marketing course from Spencer Mecham. Spencer is a multi-time dream car winner in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. Really, I should say dream truck or SUV because Spencer opted for a Toyota 4-Runner as his dream car.

Spencer has a track record of quitting his 9-5 job and moving full time into affiliate marketing.

In Affiliate Secrets 2.0, he takes you behind the scenes of his operations and shows you step by step how you can succeed with affiliate marketing.

Imagine being so good at affiliate marketing that a company rewards you not once, not twice, but three different times with the dream car for promoting their products. so well. That is exactly what happened to Spencer Mecham.

Spencer has shared his knowledge in an updated course Affiliate Secrets 2.0 and in this video, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of the course and provide you with direct access so that you can take your affiliate marketing ventures to the next level.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Spencer Mecham

Spencer’s a three-time ClickFunnels dream car, or should I say truck SUV winner because as you’ll see that a Spencer’s a little bit different. He selected a 4Runner for his dream vehicle, very practical, and a lot of the advice that he gives in his course is also very practical.

I’ve got a link down below, whether you’re looking at this in the video or the web posting, that will take you to his registration page. Your registration page may look like this or you can also see that he practices what he preaches.

spencer mecham masterclass

Spencer has a MasterClass where he shares the following Secrets to Affiliate Marketing for Free. Click here to watch it.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Spencer Mecham

I’m doing a couple of updates here because I’ve noticed, there you go. He’s doing some AB testing with some updates. He has it as his boring system, but also the three-step system that he used to make seven figures in affiliate marketing. So, when you first land on this page, you’re going to see this a little bit different. Click the register button, register whichever one that you come upon and you’re going to be taken to his masterclass replay.

Now this video, this masterclass replay is definitely worth your time to be able to go through. Let me get to the information.

Secret #1:
Where To Focus Your Efforts As A Poor Beginner With No Money & No Time
Secret #2:
Step-by-step Training on How To Scale Your New Affiliate Marketing Business Exponentially.
Secret #3:
How To Automate Your Entire Business So It Truly Does Run on Autopilot Day And Night.

It’s a two-hour and 24 minutes of video where he’s going to share with you how to focus your efforts. He had a poor beginning online. So, he’s learned some lessons.

Affiliate Secrets Spencer Mecham Slide3

He’s sharing those things back with you. He’s going to take a step by step training of how to scale your new affiliate marketing business and then he really does a lot to focus on automating it and treating it like a business. That’s the only way that he would be able to earn these rewards multiple times. So, within the video itself, you’re going to go here.

You’ll be able to play this, pause it, take notes as you’re going through as Spencer gives a presentation on this.

“… income without a product list or following. Here’s an interesting point. The word boring there. We added the word boring. You guys might have noticed this like one week ago. I’m hearing a few people say no sound. How is sound doing for everybody?’

Well, I hope sound was coming through there. So, you are able to go through, pause and listen, pause, take notes as you’re able to go through the masterclass. I encourage you to do this because you’ll get a one on one basis of affiliate marketing and then you’ll be able to click on the button and go into the course.

Let’s talk about the behind-the-scenes of what’s truly included in the course. An updated video that Spencer has that gives you some information about the updates. This is an updated course. So, it has information that applies to 2020. It has some testimonials that are here.

Gives some information about Spencer, but I want to jump into what are the details and what is actually included in the course. You have eight different modules that are laid out and I’ll show you this as well within the course information.

Affiliate Secrets Spencer Mecham Slide5

But these modules are very structured in laying out your game plan, finding where your buyers are at. How to attract traffic that is able to come in. How you can make more by spending less, putting things together of automation templates.

Spencer really takes the time in providing you with the templates. In most cases within ClickFunnels for you to be able to do this, but also the email templates that he works with.

He talks about the products that you’re going to need to put this puzzle together and then how you treat it as a long-term business and start to build your team as you go together with this.

So, here you go.

Module 1: Your Game Plan
Module 2: Finding HOT Buyers
Module 3: Traffic Legion
Module 4: Make More, Spend Less
Module 5: Automation Templates
Module 6: The Products
Module 7: Long Term Business
Module 8: Building a Team

Each module is laid out with a number of videos and a number of assignments that you have with your game plan to be able to take a deep dive into things. How to be able to find those hot buyers to go through it. How to start to generate traffic.

This portion alone of traffic generation as he has listed here would cost you more than $1,000 just for that one portion.

How you can go ahead and make more by putting together your value proposition. Your automation templates. Again, I talked about that. So, then he has things that are funnels that you can actually share. You see that he’s doing the A/B testing. So, you’ll be able to pull this information in.

The products that you’re looking at and selling the products and I know that Spencer has also taken a focus recently on the high dollar affiliate programs that also have recurring payments thus ClickFunnels that he’s going through and looking at. How you can put this together as a long-term business.

This has a lot to do with his mailing list. If nothing more getting on his mailing list is going to be very important for this. And then creating your team and putting together the information that you have.

Now, not just this information that you get, but there also are a number of bonuses that he includes in the program.

Bonus classes with the individuals that are listed here. He gives you two finished white label courses that you would be able to use as traffic magnets to be able to start to put together your funnels.

In the automation I talked about, he’s got five profitable funnels, and these are all shareable that you’ll be able to import them, put your own branding, put your own value proposition into them.

You can start to direct traffic towards those funnels and start to sell your affiliate products or just collect your leads and then the follow-up and follow through with the 50 pre-written emails that I’m sure that it’s much more than that as, as you go through.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Bonuses

So, let’s look back over here. At the time that I’m recording this, you see the information on the bonuses that he has on here from Rachel S. Lee, Jarem Atkinson, Johnny West for Facebook ads.

Affiliate Secrets Spencer Mecham Slide6

Those are the things that are in there and then the courses, the funnels that I talked about, and the pre-written letters. He also throws in your new office that you’ll be able to go through there.

Your hammock, that’s going to go in great. if I have that right outside the RV here, as I’m traveling around the country once we get back into that mode. So, this total value, he lays it out with your value proposition.

At the time of this recording, $897 for lifetime access, meaning that when the updates occur you will already be included. So, if there’s an Affiliate Secrets 2.5 or 3.0 you’re going to be able to be included in that.

My Review of Affiliate Secrets 2.0 & Spencer Mecham

So, overall, Spencer is a thorough educator. He is very much focused on making this simple for you. He presents things that this is not going to be the absolute, most polished videos that you’re going to see, but they’re going to get the job done. And that’s a refreshing thing to see online is that this isn’t some robotic or over polished guru that’s trying to sell you the information. This is somebody that has actually been successful in one of the largest affiliate programs, ClickFunnels, and has had success in other programs as well.

So, I give the program a thumbs up. I’m going to have the link down below for you to be able to get to this information whether it be here on the video, or like I said, on my blog posting.

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0

So, you’ll be able to get some information and be able to get signed up for that yourselves. So, I appreciate you taking the time. I want to thank you in advance for taking a moment to leave a comment. Let me know if you’re going to check out the program.

You can also find out more about this topic and other internet marketing and affiliate topics at flipflopaneer.com. Also, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, got it covered.

Now there’s a beach calling my name. I might take a Spencer up on that with the hammock and enjoy some of the Florida sunshine. Until next time. Make it a great day!

If you are looking for an alternative class for learning affiliate marketing, you could consider Legendary Marketer.

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