BlueHost Domain Registration

In addition to web hosting, you can use the BlueHost domain registration system to claim your domain name.

Having your domain name registered at the same location as your WordPress blog is hosted can eliminate some of the complexities of setup.

Click on this link to get started with your BlueHost Domain Registration.

BlueHost Domain Registration

Once you are at the BlueHost site you can either login to your account or you can select the Domains link and search for a domain of your choice.

BlueHost Domain Search

BlueHost Domains are not limited to just the .com extension. You can adjust the drop down box to select other popular extensions as well.

BlueHost Domain Search Results

Once you have completed your search, BlueHost will indicate if your selection is available and allow you to add the Domain to your cart for checkout.

bluehost domains privacy added

Please note that when the Domain is added to the cart, a 2nd charge is added for the Privacy + Protection. For a number of reasons it is advised that you get this feature. That being said, there are not registrars that include this service at no charge.

You can remove this option by clicking the Black X next to the line item in your cart.

BlueHost Domain Privacy Explained

BlueHost does a great job explaining what the Domain Privacy + Protection feature is and what it covers.

I also like that BlueHost only adds one year to the registration when first added to the cart. Other companies default to five years and you get a sticker shock when you first see the total. BlueHost provides you will an opportunity to adjust the number of years on the next screen, allow you to maintain control of your transaction.

BlueHost Added Services

BlueHost also offers add-on email service and Microsoft Office 365, cloud hosted productivity software. All of this is strictly optional.

Domain Checkout BlueHost

BlueHost supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as payment options. They also make the Paypal checkout system available.

To see how the BlueHost Domain Registration fits into the entire Affiliate Marketing map, you can read more at How to Start a Blog.

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