Activecampaign Vs Aweber

Activecampaign Vs Aweber

Everything you need to know about Activecampaign Vs Aweber.

Activecampaign and Aweber both are well-known email marketing tools. They have definitely made email marketing much simpler and easier. With their help, you can now send hundreds of emails in a very short time. 

Well if you’re here, you must be wondering about “Activecampaign Vs Aweber” or in other words their difference. There are quite a lot of differences but to sum it up,

ActiveCampaign targets experienced marketers who have complex campaigns. Its highlight is very advanced segmentation. On the other hand, Aweber targets the whole market which means that they attract everyone. Aweber has overall good features making it usable for everyone. 

However, there’s much more to it. This article covers the comparison in detail. Keep reading to the end to learn their differences in depth and understand which one is better for you. Let’s start with a brief overview of the two software. 


Activecampaign is a well-known cloud-based email marketing software that was created in 2003. Activecampaign offers 14 promises over trust, service, and value. Their most popular feature is their highly developed segmentation. Along with email marketing software, it is also a CRM. Moreover, Activecampaign is also well matched for both B2C and B2B. This is perfect for experienced marketers. 

As for the novice ones, Activecampaign offers some training and learning opportunities. While this may be useful, it may slow down your business pace as at first you have to learn how to use the software effectively. 


Aweber has been around for quite a while now. Like Activecampaign, it has some advanced features. Aweber has many features suitable for all types of email marketers. Whether you’re new at email marketing or you’re experienced, Aweber is for all levels of marketers. 

However, it doesn’t have any feature that stands out. It’s very basic and common although very easy to use. Unlike ActiveCampaign it has no distinct features. Speaking about features, let’s compare the features of these two.

Activecampaign Features

Activecampaign has some excellent features notably advanced segmentation and subscriber management. However, the features are a bit difficult to use. Well, the mentionable features are described briefly below. 

  • Segmentation: As mentioned earlier, Activecampaign’s distinct feature is its highly developed segmentation. The segmentation here is really specified. For instance, you can make a segment for people who subscribed to your site in the past 30 days, people who live near your workplace, people who visited several pages from your site, and many more. 
  • Track your contacts: Every interaction from each user is saved automatically. So, you can always track what the users visited more, take an interest in which product or what type of service, etc easily and accurately. This will result in tracking lead behaviors taken from contacts.
  • Get Top Leads: Another notable feature of Activecampaign is that the leads are frequently updated making sure you get the best leads at a suitable time. Moreover, you can also adjust your lead scores as well as add specific rules to improve the feature. By doing so, you can easily use the feature in your preferred way. 
  • Split Actions: Users are given opportunities to optimize every aspect of their business in their preferred way. Activecampaign provides you with the option to split test the email campaigns that are used in automated enterprises. You also get the opportunity to configure the splits for different businesses when some conditions are met. 
  • Build and personalize emails: You get numerous enchanting email templates, newsletters, etc. Customize and personalize your individual emails by using them. The more eye-catching the emails are, the more users you will get. 
  • Effective Subscriber Management: Manage your subscriber lists deliberately. What the subscriber desires, how they want it, how you can attract them etc are now all made easy with the help of Activecampaign. 
  • Drop and drag email: Drop and drag pictures, templates, and everything related to emails. This feature makes it easier to navigate and customize your emails. 
  • Spam check: With this feature, you can see whether your email will be considered spam or not. This is very significant in order to make sure the email reaches onto the subscriber’s inbox and not into spam. 

There are many more useful features in Activecampaign. The only downside is that it is a bit complicated to use. Now, let’s see what features Aweber has. 

Aweber Features

Since both Activecampaign and Aweber are email marketing programs, they have some similar features. Anyways, Aweber is great for personalized campaigns and subscriber management. It provides useful features like automation tagging, drag and drop email, newsletters, templates, and many more. Notable ones are described below. (Check out this Aweber setup tutorial)

  • Personalize emails: Aweber’s most well-known feature. They take the word to personalize to a different level. With over 600 images, templates, and newsletters, customize your email in any way you prefer.

With this, you can create eye catching and defined emails that will attract people’s interest resulting in more subscribers or customers at the end of the day. However, the graphics are very basic here. They are quite bland and some are similar to each other. On the bright side, they are free to use. 

  • Smart designer: Using AI, Aweber can automatically create and design fancy looking emails. You can build landing pages the way you prefer. Moreover, there’s an option to use Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics codes to these pages to capture data more effectively. They are eye-catching and look very professional. 
  • Auto tags: While you’re adding a contact, there’ll be fields created supporting some common factors. This might be something from identical town to identical signed month. 

Manually listing the emails supported these factors is super long and laborious. Here comes Aweber to your rescue. Aweber will suggest tags automatically. This will save your time and effort.  

  • Built-in integrations: There’s very simple connectivity to your business systems. You can quickly integrate your other systems whether it’s business or not to your email marketing program. You can integrate with third-party apps and various cloud-based software and CRM based software as well. 
  • Sign up forms: You are offered some signup forms that you can use to collect details on potential customers and eventually build your email list. You can customize the frequency of the sign-up pop-ups too. For example, you can make it appear only one time per visitor or every time they revisit, etc according to your own preferences. 
  • Track feature: Along with subscriber metrics, Aweber also tracks your email campaign metrics. Not only does it track vanity data but it also tracks specific revenue-based data. With this beneficial feature, you can judge the performance of both your email campaigns and sign up forms and improve effectiveness. 
  • Segmentation: While segmentation in Aweber is not as advanced as segmentation in Activecampaign, it still does a good job. You can even create segments based on user activities like last visited, links clicked, etc.

However, unlike Activecampaign, Aweber, unfortunately, does not let you broadcast your campaign in numerous segments at a time. Though they show a reason for this. They have this restriction so that users who regularly “pick and mix” the emails face no confusion. 

Since we have taken a look at their mentionable features, now let’s talk about their ease of use. Having mesmerizing features is very vital but it is not the only thing that makes software better. Along with great features, the software should be fairly easy to use. Or else one would remain stuck trying to use it properly. 

Activecampaign’s Ease of Use

Activecampaign is a middle ground when it comes to ease of use. It has numerous effective and distinct features. But unfortunately, unlike most other email marketing software, Activecampaign does not provide a tutorial on how to use its main features. 

While it does have some videos explaining the features and usages, it does not really emphasize the tutorials. Perhaps because Activecampaign’s targeted users are marketers who already have experiences with email marketing software. 

As mentioned earlier, Activecampaign is wonderful for big companies or People who are experienced in this field. The features might be complicated for beginners and newcomers. So, it is suitable for big companies who have the time and resources to train their people on how to use Activecampaign. 

Starting out: 

Many people face this confusion on where to start in Activecampaign. Since the software does not offer any intro tutorial, often people are lost. The reason they usually face this problem is that there are some features that can’t be done without having completed another feature. 

Let me give an example of what I’m referring to. Features such as a lead score cannot be created without segmenting beforehand. So, in order to create a lead score, you have to know how to create segments in Activecampaign. Unfortunately, Activecampaign does not give tutorials or tips on getting started. 

Using Features: 

Activecampaign assumes the user already has knowledge of using features. However, there are some in-app descriptions and tutorials on how to use some of the advanced features. But this is not applicable for all features. 

But fortunately, there are plenty of articles and youtube videos explaining how to use Activecampaign’s particular features although they are not provided by the software. So, the bottom line here is that Activecampaign itself does not provide basic tutorials but there are plenty of tutorials on the net. Thus, novices may find it a bit hard using Activecampaign effectively. 

Aweber’s Ease of Use

Aweber, guides the users with baby steps treating them as if this is their first-time email marketing. Well, this may be extra beneficial for beginners, those who already have experience get their precious time wasted. 

Starting out: 

In the case of Aweber, in order to get started, you have to give your credit card info, address, etc. even for the free trial. This is a bit unfit since most email marketing software don’t do this. Not only that, but they also prompt you to create an email list in detail without giving the option to import it if you already have one at the beginning. 

Although this is super helpful for beginners, it’s time-consuming for people who already have an email list. The problem is these steps are mandatory instead of being optional. 

Using Features: 

Aweber is really straightforward when it comes to using its features. They hand out tutorials on how to use their features properly and effectively. But some features are hidden away. For example, the feature segmentation is hidden away. In order to find out the option of creating segments, you have to search on the net or search up youtube videos because the software doesn’t show the option. 

Activecampaign’s Support System 

Activecampaign contains a support option lying beneath the page. This support provides all sorts of support you can get. They have:

  • Help resources 
  • Free migration support
  • Consultants 
  • Developers 
  • Support regarding released updates

You can have access to these options whenever you want. If you’re searching for any pieces of information referring to Activecampaign, then search no further. Because the support option, which you can call the information center as well, provides any information or any help you need. Now let’s take a brief look at the options Activecampaign support offers below

Help Resources

Help resources show the basic support bases you can get. Just one click and you’re all set to go. There’s no navigation etc. It’s super easy since the help button is positioned on the bottom side of the screen. Let’s take a brief look at what the support systems offer. 

Free Migration System

The free migration service helps you with shifting from your previous email marketing software to the new Activecampaign one. It basically helps with importing data. And if you are a beginner then you don’t really have a need for this system.


If you are facing any problems regarding the features or you are a bit lost etc, you can contact the consultants for proper guidance. This is especially beneficial for beginners and novices.   


This feature provides you with links to information on developing integrations with ActiveCampaign. Get in contact directly with the developers in this super simple way. 

Aweber’s Support System

Aweber has a strong support system. Aweber received multiple awards for its over the top customer support. Moreover, there’s no need to go through hoops in order to get support. It’s super simple and straightforward. 

Aweber support system provides you with multiple services. Mentionable are:

  • Live chat support: Their live chat system is accessible 24/7, unlike any other email marketing software. 
  • Phone support: Besides the super useful live chat support, they also provide phone support in case you need it. 
  • Email support: Email service is available too but it is usually used when there are some professional or more serious problems you’re facing with the software. 
  • Various helpful articles: Another impressive fact is, Aweber provides so many helpful articles that can act as your little guide to the software.
  • Knowledgeable FAQ: There are tons of FAQs provided on their site. This proves they care deeply about their users. 

All of these are linked to Aweber’s website. And most importantly, they give support service 24/7. You can get access all day every day no matter the time. Their live chat system is accessible 24/7, unlike any other email marketing software. Aweber is truly one step ahead in the field of customer care. 

Activecampaign’s Pricing options

There is a 14-day free trial at Activecampaign. The free trial is enough to give you an idea about which pricing option would be the most suitable for you and whether Activecampaign is worth it or not since most features are available. 

  • Lite: For only $9 per month get unlimited access to all features except for the CRM. Limited up to 3 users. 
  • Plus: For $49 per month get access to all features from lite as well as CRM and some extra benefits like SMS marketing. Limited to 25 users. 
  • Professional: $129 a month and you get more than required features to be a successful marketer. Limited to 50 users. 

Aweber’s Pricing options

Aweber doesn’t offer a free trial unless you give your payment information. In that case, you get a 30-day free trial. After your free trial ends, you are to select a pricing option. Aweber pricing is done depending on your contact range. If your contact ranges from:

  • 500 subscribers: Pay $19 per month and get access to features. 
  • 501 to 2,500 subscribers: Pay $29 per month and get access to all features
  • 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers: Pay $49 per month and get access to all features onwards.
  • 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers: $69 per month. 
  • 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers: $149 per month.


Hopefully, by reading this far, you got an idea about how Activecampaign and Aweber are different. It can easily be said that when it comes to Activecampaign Vs Aweber, Activecampaign focuses on experienced marketers and Aweber focuses on novices. 

At least that’s how I see it. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages and it would depend on you to decide which one is better for you.

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