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ActiveCampaign Full Introduction Complete Setup Tutorial

This post is an ActiveCampaign Full Introduction and will be part of my ongoing series of setting up and running a successful internet marketing business, I’m going to be focused on the importance of email marketing and using a marketing automation system like ActiveCampaign to achieve the highest profits.  You can see the entire playlist here:

So, before we jump into ActiveCampaign, let’s talk a little bit about what the ActiveCampaign system is used for.  

ActiveCampaign Full Introduction – What is ActiveCampaign?

It’s an email follow-up system that doesn’t just collect emails and then send them out when you direct the system to send it out. It has an automation engine in the system so that when I contact, either take certain actions or meet certain criteria that you can launch follow up programs automatically.

This is very important for your contact management system or your CRM because it can actually act as a CRM where you can go in, see the individual contact, and then keep track of what contacts you’ve made with the individual. It also can be used as a deal pipeline.  

Now, this automation would be very important for a shopping cart type of system where you could know whether or not someone had hit a particular page and then could email them, prompting them that they left something in their cart or to take additional action, or if they visited a specific page, you could also send out information.  

If they’d gone to your pricing page or if they’d gone to the frequently asked questions, you’d have an opportunity to follow up with them.  

So, let’s go ahead and jump into ActiveCampaign. I’m going to show you how to get started and set up on the system. I’m going to jump back over here to the computer and we’re going to go right there. 

I’ve got a link down below here in the video to ActiveCampaign for you to be able to go over and take a look at it and sign up.  

Now when you meet the signup screen ActiveCampaign occasionally runs these limited-time offers. At this particular moment that I’m recording this they’re offering their Conversation System.  

Conversations is the ability to open up almost like a text message on the screen back and forth with someone that’s currently on your website. So, I’m going to go ahead and get signed up. I’m going to go ahead and walk you through this to do a brand spanking new campaign. So, let’s go ahead and use some information here.  

Now I’m going to go ahead. There is a 14-day free trial on the system. I’m going to take advantage of that by going in and trying the system out.  

I’m going to take a second here as I’m doing the recording. It is going to want some information on here and I’m going to enter the information of the business. I know they actually wanted my name, but that’s how I’m going to put the information in here. Can we get a phone number? Sure.  

Very simple to take the steps through. I’m going to probably end up going a little bit quicker than this. What industry are you in to be able to set up some information? I’m just going to select that I’m a blogger. They want to know the number of users and the number of contacts that I have. I’m just getting started with this. So, we don’t have a large number of contacts.  

The number of contacts does affect the information regarding pricing, and I’ll talk about that in just a little bit.  

What goals am I trying to reach? I want to build and send more targeted segmented emails for sure. I want to be able to take advantage of the automation.

Now I will say something to you. Based upon the answers to these questions in the accounts that I’ve set up, I have not really seen a difference. So, I’m just going to go ahead and track through and be able to go here. And well I’ll also select the engage the prospects.

They want to know what tools I’m currently incorporated with whether or not I’m using Facebook, whether or not I’m using these other tools.  

So, some of the reasons that they’re asking this as they do have a migration system. If you’re currently using a system like MailChimp, ConvertKit, that they can pull your contacts and your information in. They also have an automation with a WordPress plugin. I’ll show you where that fits in, in just a second.

Now, the last part is of course they want me to set up a password so that I can log back into the account and be able to go in there. Not a problem whatsoever. Okay. Now that your account has been set up, it’s gone through the system.

Getting Started Section

When you first sign up for an account there’s going to be a getting started section. You can come back to the getting started section at any time. This is a little bit of a wizard system that walks you through the setup of your account.  

ActiveCampaign Getting Started - ActiveCampaign Full Introduction

Now, each one of these steps is very important to go through. You do not have to go through them in this specific order. I have a little bit different order that I’d like to go through these. Probably I start from the bottom to the top. But I’m going to talk you through each one of these of why it’s important.

ActiveCampaign Lists

They’ve already gone ahead, and they’ve added a list to the accounts. Your ActiveCampaign can have multiple lists and the multiple lists that you have set up these could be different customer segmentations that you already know that you have. I’d like to use the example if you’re using this for a real estate application, your buyer’s list is different than your seller’s list.  

Although you might have sellers that then become buyers and combine them both. But the types of inquiries that somebody is making as to a buyer, can I schedule a time to see a home is different than a seller, as to how much do you charge? What information, what marketing will you be able to do?

So, that’s something where the segment will come in. Your segment of list may also be the types of ways in which they signed up for your list. Did they sign up for a free course? Did they sign up for an actual program that you’re offering a free report? These might be the different ways in which you’re creating your different lists.

I’ll have a detailed video that’ll talk about lists and all of the different segments and all of the different options that are on here.  

Now import your contacts. It does allow you to import your contacts in one or two ways. You can either have a CSV file, comma-separated values that you can import in or it also has a migration system. This migration system has a number of different other email systems.

Obviously ActiveCampaign wants to make this as simple as can be. So, they have a number of systems that they would be able to import into and be able to go through.  

So, really they’re providing you three ways in which you’re able to get your contacts that already exist into the system. You can import from a file of a CSV. They provide a copy and paste system, or they have migration systems from all of these different types of the databases that you might already have your information in, including your Google contacts, for example.

That’s one that might come in handy for you if you’ve been collecting your information over a period of time to be able to come into them. So, it’s also letting you know where you’re at in the specific information over here on your navigation that you’re here in the contact information. So, I’m going to go back over here to the getting started guide.  

ActiveCampaign Automations

Alright. Continuing on with our getting started guide. Automations, building automations are really the heart of the ActiveCampaign system. This is the opportunity for you to do follow up campaigns so that you could say, send an initial email and then if you’ve signed up for the tech system, you could send a text and you can identify that, do that so many minutes, hours, days afterward. You can then send a secondary email, send that information out.

Where the automation engine comes into is it will also check to see if certain information exists about that contact. If you sent an email out and that email had one of your affiliate links in it and they happen to click that link, then the second email or the next automation that gets sent out would be different than the individual who hadn’t clicked the link. 

And this is one of the ways that it’s able to… You can set up the system and have it fire off these different automations. You’re not limited on the number of automations that you have. Depending upon the price program, all of the automations are available to you.

ActiveCampaign Forms

Now, one of the ways in which you can get someone into the automations is by creating a form.

These forms can be standalone forms that are created within the system. There are forms that you can post onto, say a WordPress website through the WordPress plugin integration. So, it will be a native integration or incorporating in with a program like Thrive Leads where you can incorporate it into the form or a number of other form systems.

I’ll have a link down below about some of the landing pages that you can use with ActiveCampaign so you can check that information out, but that form would collect the information. 

You also can take this form and with the complete CSS and HTML, if you’re a little bit more technically savvy, you can copy and paste that into your front end website editor so that you can display the form. When that form gets filled out the contact will immediately go into the system here in most cases if you’re doing it directly from the form. Then that will add them to a list and launch an automation.

There are some form systems out there that do require you to go through a third party Zapier application so that it could take the contact information from the form, put it through that third party Zapier system. There is a fee involved with that and then send them directly over. I like to use the forms directly into my WordPress site so that I’m avoiding that or my forms directly in with a thrive leads type of system that goes into it. 

ActiveCampaign Campaigns

A campaign, that campaign can be part of an automation so that it’s a series of messages or you could have one-off campaigns if you wanted to do a mass email to your database. You could have that contact information go in there. Let me talk about the campaigns for just a second as well. With the conditional formatting, and we’ll see this in the pricing as I start to wrap up here in just a bit. The information about this, you could send out an email.

The email could be written in one large block, but there’d be individual blocks that would be in there. If the person had actually clicked on your link, they’re going to get one specific paragraph. But if they hadn’t clicked on that link, that information would not be available to them. It would be different information. It would be conditionally formatted.  

So, it’s not just segmenting your list, it’s segmenting your message so that the individual gets the data that they’re actually looking for. So, you can move them further along in your funnel, or that you can have them take the action that you’re looking to do.

ActiveCampaign CRM

The system does have a CRM capability of pipelines and deals. This is where you could have your own interaction with it. I have one installation that I did for a company. This prompts their salespeople. It assigns them on a Round Robin basis to their salespeople. Their salespeople get notified that there’s a new contact that has taken action, filled out a form and it’s time for them to follow up, actually create a quote or call and actually try to schedule the appointment.  

There is activity tracking that you could do on your website. This is where I talked about you knowing whether or not somebody took a specific action. We’re talking about more tracking than just the Google analytics tracking.

This is tracking where you can know whether or not they visited a specific page, whether they took a specific action based upon your email. Then there’s a number of other apps that you can do the integration for and connect them. So, I talked about the WordPress plugin.

Again, I’ve got another link that I’ll include that will talk about the automations that are available in the particular system.  

The last part that I want to talk about within the system as we go through here is the different pricing options that are available to you on ActiveCampaign. Alright, so right now I’m on the free 14-day trial of the ActiveCampaign system.

If I wanted to sign up, I have the choice of going on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. Then the contacts or my different levels, there are four different levels of pricing. The Lite, the Plus, the Professional and the Enterprise. Now the Lite system, $9 a month.

There is not a free offering, just the 14-day free trial, but there’s a $9 per month offering and that includes a couple of important things. That includes unlimited sending. There are some email systems that limit the number of messages that you can send out on a monthly basis.  

Well, if you’re getting ready to do a product launch or you’re getting ready to invite people to your training program, you’re going to need to send emails over the course of the seven days leading up to your event. You might be sending emails three, four, or five days out of that to your entire database. So, you have the opportunity to do unlimited sending. Anything that’s included in the Lite package carries over to the Plus and the Professional. Then there are add-ons that go into it.  

So, your complete email marketing, your newsletter capability, your subscription forms to be able to fill out, and your marketing automation. If you are an affiliate marketer, you seriously should consider the Lite package to be able to go through here.

Then once you’ve got that system up and running, you can then add on some of the CRM capabilities. The ability that when someone fills out a form or takes action, not just on your site by visiting with the Facebook custom audiences, but the way in which they interact with your emails and your system would allow you to create custom audiences to do lead scoring.  

So, out of the number of contexts that you have, did they read your email multiple times? Did they take action? Did they click on this? Did they hit reply that could be scored? So that, you know, hey, this is a contact that I really need to follow up with. Then your basis of your integrations that go into them. This is on the Plus plan. Your SMS or your text marketing. This text marketing does have an additional cost for the text messages but allows you to do it.  

Then I was talking about the dynamic content. So, if you want the dynamic content in your information then that’s where you would upgrade to the Plus system, the Professional, all of the same types of things. A little bit more of the AI or predictive automations that are on there, including some split automation if you’re running a Facebook ads and trying to collect information. You get the people to sign up and you want to test your different automations, then you have the ability to go here. 

Also, the number of users steps up, users being the number of people that have access into the system with distinct logins that you can assign tasks to.

The Enterprise system definitely for the corporations where you get your custom domain, your own mail server to increase in the information. So, I’m currently signed up underneath this a free trial. Under the free trial there is a contact limit and a sending limit. But as soon as I would upgrade, then those would go away. There is the level of services that you get from the Lite to the Plus to the Professional, to the Enterprise that also gets based upon the number of contacts that you have.

So, it will grow as you grow and if you’re going to 2,500 contacts on a yearly payment basis, that’s as low as $39 a month. So very economical on that standpoint because of the power of the automation that you’ll be able to do with the return on investment.  

So, this is a quick overview of the ActiveCampaign system. I’ve been using the active campaign system. I got to say that I’ve been probably using this for over 15 years. I’ve seen a lot of this grow and mature and I’m going to have other videos that we’ll talk about the specific menu options over here.

I’m going to take the time to go through them one by one so that you know what options are available to you. But I’d encourage you if you’re looking to be successful with your affiliate marketing, then ActiveCampaign is a system that you definitely should consider and with that 14-day free trial that I’ve got a link to down below you’d be able to do that. 

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