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The ActiveCampaign Free Trial – everything you wanted to know

The ActiveCampaign free trial is an excellent opportunity for you to evaluate a powerful email marketing and sales automation CRM system.

Whenever I see a free trial for a product, I always find myself asking, “what is the catch?” Because I am sure that you are very similar to myself with this path of thinking, I wanted to take a few moments to answer the questions that you might have about the ActiveCampaign free trial, and maybe a few others that you hadn’t thought of as of yet.

Do I need a coupon to get an ActiveCampaign free trial?

Here is the beautiful thing about the ActiveCampaign free trial. It is available to all new user accounts without the need for a coupon. The signup process with identifying you as a new user, and it will allow you to gain access to the system and start using the tools right away.  

The initial setup is a breeze to use. ActiveCampaign has taken the time to develop an intro “wizard” that walks you through the process step by step.  

The system is looking to assist you in hitting your company goals. ActiveCampaign is designed to allow you to:

  • Create a more personalized (and automated) customer journey.
  • Build and send more targeted, segmented emails.
  • Engage prospects and customers on other channels besides just email.
  • Set up real-time chat (to capture leads or to even run a support system using ActiveCampaign.
  • Build a sales process to identify, prioritize, and route leads.
  • Track and maintain full customer data for the full context in one system.
signup 001

If you are already using other tools like Mailchimp or ClickFunnels or Calendly, then the setup process takes this into consideration and creates a road map for you to follow to develop the needed ActiveCampaign integration and automation

signup 002

Do I need to enter a credit card to take advantage of the free trial?

No, you do not. You will not be prompted for a credit card as part of the signup process. They will not need a credit card on file for you to get an active account set up. This will allow you the freedom to honestly evaluate the system and not feel like you are locked into some agreement. If the system doesn’t meet your needs, then your trial will end, and you will be on your way.    

How long is the ActiveCampaign Free Trial?

The free trial period is 14 days. This is counted by calendar days from the time that you complete your account creations. It has been my experience that getting an account setup up and integrated with some of your other systems should take you a couple of hours, depending on your technical proficiency. I recently set up an account and had it integrated with a form on WordPress and sending out intro messages in just over 75 minutes from start to finish. This allowed the client and me I was working with the remainder of the time to confirm that the system met their needs indeed.  

As a sidebar, that particular evaluation went so well that the client signed a remodeling contract with a client that signed up on their website, during the ActiveCampign 14 day free trial period.

Do I need a promo code to take advantage of the ActiveCampaign free trial?

There is no need for a promo code to take advantage of the free trial. As a matter of fact, you can Click Here to get started right now without a coupon code or extra promo code. 

What are the features available with the free trial?

When you finish the signup wizard, you will be presented with a number of tasks that you should complete to ensure that your account is ready to work, and you can fully evaluate the system.

ActiveCampaign Free Trial Signup Screens

As you can see for the image, the ActiveCampaign has a checklist designed to assist you with importing your contacts, building your marketing automations, creating a lead capture form, creating a marketing campaign, setting up a deal pipeline to track your sales funnels, monitoring activity on your website, even if it is not a WordPress based site and integrating any needed apps.

Each one of the options takes you to the specific section of the system so that you are not left to try and figure it out on your own. 

Take the Create a Form option. When you click this button, it takes you to the form section of the software. The form builder is very intuitive. You can build a traditional inline form, or you can create forms that integrate with your website to act like landing pages or lead capture forms. These include a Floating Bar form, a Floating Box form, or a Modal form that is in the middle of your web page.

When you create a form, you start the marketing automation process. This is done by assigning the Actions that are associated with the form, including the List or List that the contact is added. A contact can be added to multiple lists so that you can segment your contact and provide target marketing. You can also assign a tag or multiple tags to the contact. These tags can be used in a variety of ways as part of your marketing plan.  

activecampaign create a form

If you are not sure how to get started, a help button is ever-present on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  

The same is true of all of the pages of the site, including the marketing automaton section or the list section.

The only limitation that I have found with the free trial is that there is a contact limit of 100 and a sending limit of 100. Once you are a paying client, these restrictions are removed. The other feature is that SMS sending is not included, and this makes sense because the text message rates would have to apply to any messages sent.

Will the ActiveCampaign free trial allow me to connect with Thrive Leads?

Yes, it will. Thrive Leads is one of the most robust landing page builder systems on the market that integrates seamlessly with WordPress sites.  

activecampaign thrive leads api

When you create a new landing page or lead capture page, you have the ability to work with ActiveCampaign 2 ways. One is to utilize the native integration build into the system via an API connection, or you can take the raw HTML and script code created by the ActiveCampaign form builder and past this code into the system. These integration steps allow the Thrive Leads form to track the form conversion rates. This is particularly helpful for pop up forms and A/B testing comparisons.

activecampaign thrive leads conversion

What about WordPress?

The is an ActiveCampaign plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows for form integration and contact activity tracking. Imagine being able to set up an automated system that sends out an email to contact if they happened to visit the help or FAQ sections of your website.

activecampaign plugin 1

I had a real estate website that was integrated with ActiveCampaign and built on WordPress. When a contact visited the FAQ section for Short Sales, I was able to send out an email that explained more of my process without having to post all of my proprietary information online. This strengthens the relationship with the contact and leads to a higher conversion rate for appointments.

I am already working with a CRM, how difficult is it to switch to ActiveCampaign?

I have not run into any problems with this. The ActiveCampaign system is designed to allow you to import contacts for a CSV file, or you can copy and paste your clients into the system. They also have a migration system that connects to 100+ other CRM and email management systems.  

If this is something that you don’t want to have to do on your own, you can click the help button on the screen, and part of the ActiveCampaign technical support team will help you with the migration every step of the way.

Does ActiveCampaign offer a free account?

No, just the 14-day free trial.  

What are the pricing plans available to me after the free trial period?

After the free trial period is completed, there are a number of pricing options grouped into four tiers:

The Tiers are developed based on the number of features that are included in your plan. Pricing also varies based upon the number of contacts in your system.  Click here for the most up to date ActiveCampaign pricing.

I also wrote a review on the ActiveCampaign pricing plans through the eyes of a ten year plus user of the system. 

Here are the Different tier levels.

Priced from as low as $9.00 per month – The Lite level lets you enjoy unlimited sending email and full newsletter capabilities.

As low as $49.00 per month – Expand your marketing reach with built-in features like a CRM w/ Sales Automation enhanced with Contact & Lead Scoring.

Starting from $129 per month – Includes all the benefits of the Lite and Plus Plans but also enables the Site Messaging.

If you are a larger corporation or enterprise considering ActiveCampaign, the Enterprise level is designed just for your company. It includes all features of the Professional Plan, plus a custom mail server domain, account rep, design services, social data, phone support, and an uptime SLA.

ActiveCampaign Free Trial

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