Clear Direction for Micro and Small Business

Sailors have beacons, lighthouses, and nautical maps to guide them to their destination. Pilots have radar and air traffic controllers.  Drivers have road signs, maps, and GPS.  What do business owners have?

AIDtoNAV is the navigational aid for your microbusiness. We believe that education and action drive results, which leads to your legacy. We don’t just tell you about theory or suggest strategy, but we also give you real-world tactics and examples.  We take into account that there are real-world constraints to growing your business, like time and money.

What’s your legacy? Maybe it’s to make a difference in your community. Or maybe it’s to leave the next generation of your family better off than the last. Or maybe it’s a life of no regrets.  Let AIDtoNAV give you direction on your growing microbusiness to create your personal legacy.

Moving from corporate to business owner?

Want to grow your client base or revenue?

Not sure about your marketing strategy?

Your Guides


Robert & Stacy Earl

Both Robert and Stacy are veterans (Air Force and Army, respectively). In 2019, we partnered, both in marriage and business.

After his tour with the Presidential Honor Guard, Robert managed technical cost proposals for two minority owned 8{a) government contractors.  He then partnered with one of the owners to launch a dial-up internet service provider service that grew to over 10,000 users with only five employees on staff. Robert has owned his own micro businesses since 2001, most recently as an award winning real estate team leader and as a highly regarded business coach.  

Stacy started her first micro business in 2008, but left to work for a corporate startup. After being frustrated by the mismanagement she saw, she left to restart her micro business.  She thought a very expensive executive MBA might provide her clear direction for how to successfully launch and grow it. She learned theory and strategy for business, but she didn't find much that was useful for a micro business. Through her business, she led marketing strategy for an incubator, a tiny house community, an 8(a) technology company, among many others.

We bring our shared experiences to SRALL Media, our micro business that oversees our real estate business, our sports entertainment podcast, and AIDtoNAV. We live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Why Microbusiness

We are
of all business in the U.S.
65% of solopreneurs make less than
Unlike corporate America, microbusinesses are diverse: we are young and old; white, brown, and black; women and men. We live in blue, red, and purple states; in big city apartments, suburban neighborhoods, tiny house communities, and RV parks. We care about our families, neighbors, communities, and environment more than the bottom line.

Microbusinesses don't function like larger businesses.
We wear all the hats.

We sell.
We market.
We deliver.
We manage.

We don't have fancy
business plans and we usually self-fund our start and growth.

We contribute over
$2 trillion
to the economy.

We have less than
employees (counting ourselves!)
of us work out of our homes
of us don't have any employees

Keep us on your radar

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